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Pat Loftus, SCORE, Chapter Executive Committee


 “What’s Your Why?” 

Do you know why you do what you do? People buy your “why” not the “how” or “what”.  Help your business grow by inspiring trust and loyalty with a clear “why” for your business. To get started, check out Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk on YouTube.


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Nabil Freij – Certified SCORE Mentor, SCORE Manasota

Increase Profitability Through Efficiency

Many businesses struggle to become profitable and struggle even more to pad their profit margins. Building efficiencies in departmental processes is a sure way to increase profitability. Check out 10 Areas Where CEOs Can Create Efficiencies. They are guaranteed to help you improve your bottom line.


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David Allen, President, Allen Media

“Is Pay-Per-click Advertising the Best Digital Strategy?”

Is the money and effort you pour into having a digital presence falling short?


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 Stephen Griese, Financial Advisor,  Northwestern Mutual


“Why Fund your Buy-Sell agreement with Life Insurance? “

Do you have a business partner? If so, do you have a Buy-Sell Agreement? If not, do you know potential impacts from not having this agreement? Have you discussed what will happen if one of you does not show up for work due to a death? What happens with your business and family?


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Andrea Nierenberg, SCORE Manasota, Certified Score Mentor

“Nonstop Networking for Business and Life”

Take care of your business relationships and your company will prosper.  In this free “Been There, Done That!” podcast, SCORE Mentor and business owner Andrea Nierenberg shares her secrets and methods for building business relationships and making everyone in the company a brand ambassador. 

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Cathy Cotter, Cotter Visual Communications


“10 Tips In Creating An Effective Logo Design For Your Brand”

Convey your company’s brand.  Begin by building an effective logo that tells customers what you do for them.   Tell them who you are, simply and effectively.  Use these 10 tips to help you create an effective logo that speaks your brand.


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Nick Choat, Owner, Sport Clips Haircuts of South Sarasota

“Have you ever considered owning a franchise?”

Franchise ownership comes with unique benefits and challenges.  In this post, Nick Choat, owner of Sport Clips Haircuts franchises and SCORE mentor, discusses his experiences and challenges. 

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Holly Hearn, Owner, H2 Concierge Marketing, LLC

“Do Your Business Homework at the Library”


“Starting a new business, relocating, or expanding into the Venice, Florida area?  Step One: Know your target market….”


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Dane DeSantis, Owner Hallmark Business Brokers

Built to Sell: 8 Things that Drive Your Company’s Value


If you have ever thought about selling your business one thing to consider is, the more your business is reliant on you, the owner, the less value it has to a prospective buyer.  The question you must ask yourself is, are you a hub-and-spoke business owner?

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