Focus Forward Forum



Friday, May 17, 2019

The VAYP Forum is a one day event put on by the VAYP Leadership to present an enriched entrepreneurial exchange of ideas and inspired best practices.  Planning is currently underway!

We invite you to inquire about sponsorship opportunities for this new exciting event offering for 2019 by using the form below! 




Part of our 2018-19 Enhanced Entrepreneurial Exchange Series for 2018-19


We will be updating this form with more information on our Focus Forward Forum.   In the interim, you may contact Charleen Myers with any questions.


Discover the full benefits of your member sponsorship of this well attended annual event! 

Sponsors receive a generous print and digital footprint with a long shelf life online well after the event itself.  

Please view some of the examples above and/or contact Charleen Myers for more information on sponsorship of this fantastic annual event!